About Us

We are a pioneering new UK-based lifestyle brand who are dedicated to creating stylish, durable and eco-friendly wooden sunglasses, all whilst making a positive impact on the incredible planet that we live on. Our goal is to ensure that as well as falling in love with a new pair of unique, one of a kind sunnies, every customer can also feel good in the knowledge that they have helped to sustain a healthier, happier planet!

We are supporting reforestation programmes worldwide, and for each pair of sunglasses we sell, we commit to planting 10 trees in select locations worldwide through our reforestation partner Eden Projects.

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Our Ethos

To create sunglasses that are as unique and individual as their owner.
To give back to nature what we take.


Meet Tim & Will

Inspired by the natural beauty of the woods of the Surrey hills where we grew up, we are two brothers with a love of adventure, travel, and all things outdoors.

Our vision was to design something that utilised the outstanding beauty of nature, whilst also being able to make a positive and meaningful difference to the world around us. Through our determination and commitment, we have worked tirelessly to produce an exclusive collection that we have created from carefully selected materials, that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd all whilst feeling great about it.